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Waxing Do's & Don'ts

Do - Be age 18 and over, (or have parental consent) All Brazilians are for 18 and over clients. 


Do - let us know if you are pregnant.  Waxing is not a contraindication, but you may be more sensitive, this way we can add our soothing products to your treatment.

Do - Know that whether woman or man waxing is an excellent alternative to shaving. Smoother skin for longer, who doesn't want that?

Do - Exfoliate the night before. Exfoliation is an excellent way to remove excess dry skin cells, thereby releasing the hair that may be stuck just under the skin.

Do - Drink plenty of water

Do - Know that some medications are a contraindication to waxing. (See Don'ts)

Do - know that though you can be waxed while on your moon cycle (menstruation), it can be more painful (the wax, not the moon) the week before and the week of, due to an increase in blood flow to the uterus. Also please wear a tampon. 

Do - know that all bikini waxes include the love trail (a.k.a. the belly trail)


Don't - Exfoliate less than 24 hours before your appointment.

Don't - get a wax if you are on any of the following medications. 
Accutane, must be cleared for 1 year before we wax you. Other medications such as Retin-A Renova or Differin can cause a person to lift as well, these medications should be stopped 2 weeks prior to your appointment. The reason these precautions must be taken, is that the skin when on these type of medications, may become thinner and more sensitive, which can cause lifting and hyperpigmentation, possibly leading to permanent damage.